We catalyze innovative solutions so students and communities thrive

Local Solutions

We believe that solutions should be locally driven and designed to meet the unique context of each community.


We believe that students and communities thrive when those closest to students are empowered to make decisions.


We believe that there can be more than one path to success; we partner with educators and communities to build sustainable solutions for students and schools.

Our Vision

We believe that the public education system should work for all students

We envision a country where every student – especially those in underserved communities – has the opportunity to succeed in school and life. We partner with educators and communities to reimagine local education systems towards more equitable life outcomes for all students.

Empowering educators through transformative district partnerships

Empowerment Zones

We work with communities to design and launch sustainable local partnerships that enable transformative district schools. Empowerment Zone educators have the flexibility to make decisions that are right for their students, community, and staff.

  • 5 states
  • 14 Partnerships
  • 29,000 PK-12 students impacted

Expanding opportunities everywhere

Rural Innovation

We empower leaders in rural communities to forge formalized and lasting partnerships that allow schools to provide a variety of robust college and career pathways that lead to success in school and life.

  • 18 school districts
  • 8 career academies
  • 6 higher education partners

Bridging the gap from high school to college and career

Early College and Career Pathways

We work with communities to create opportunities that lead to postsecondary success for all students. We foster innovative, sustainable, and scalable structures that bridge high school to college and career so students can get the head start and success they need even before they graduate high school.

  • 4 states

“In my career I’ve seen very few partners as effective as Empower Schools at helping to bring a bold vision to life.”

Kathy Rollo, Lubbock ISD Superintendent, Lubbock, TX

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