Blog: Making new friends: Empower Schools is now a member of Education Cities (formerly CEE-Trust)

We are excited to announce that we are the newest member of the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship (CEE) Trust!

We join an incredibly experienced and talented group of organizations, or ‘harbormasters’ as CEE-Trust calls them, all working towards the same goal: education excellence for all students. Though we are a little different from other harbormasters in that we work in multiple cities across Massachusetts instead of just one, we know we have a lot to learn from those who have embarked on this work before we did.

As a welcome, CEE-Trust just featured an interview with our co-founder and president, Brett Alessi in their newsletter. Give it a read for an insider’s view on our work as harbormaster in Lawrence, MA; the unique approach we take to working in multiple cities; and some of what we’ve learned since Empower Schools was conceived.