Founding Executive Director

Quality Teachers, Quality Schools:

There is no greater driver of a school’s success – not curriculum, not technology, not even building leadership – than the caliber of the school’s teachers. Quality schools begin and end with quality teaching. A highly-skilled teacher, for example, has been proven to add 5 to 6 more months of student learning annually, in comparison to a low-performing teacher.

And yet, a sophisticated process for recruiting, developing and retaining talented teachers has long mystified even the most astute urban schools and districts across the country.  Only recently have long-standing myths at the heart of this problem – the myths that talented teachers are born and not made, and that talented teachers will inexorably stay in the classroom –begun to give way to a new vision for finding, cultivating and retaining quality educators.

The educational leaders of Western Massachusetts – district, charter and state, along with business and philanthropy – share just such a new vision and have established Teach Western Mass to solve the teacher talent riddle for schools that have historically underserved their students.

Teach Western Mass is now looking for a Founding Executive Director to deliver on that vision.

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